galvanized perforated metal mesh, manufacturer ,anping ,China

galvanized perforated metal mesh, manufacturer ,anping ,China

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Brand Name︰TDD

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 300 / pc

Minimum Order︰100 pc

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Product Description

SHIJIAZHUANG TILIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of  expanded metal mesh.

In order to meet the exported market's real demand and provide the suitable wire mesh products from Tilin factory directly, Tilin wire mesh manufacturer supply Customization and OEM/ODM fitting service in applications of chemical industry,automobile sector,paper industry,power stations,steel mills,mining,oil and gas production, Marine Filter,Inorganic membrane separation filter element ,Gas Filters & Oil Filters,decoration industry,etc.

1.Material: Low carbon steel plate, galvanized steel plate ,stainless steel plate, copper plate, nickel plate. stainless steel plate, aluminum, hot and cold steel, copper and fiber, plastic sheeting and other non-metallic plate.

2.Hole size: 0.8--18mm

3.Thichness: 0.2-15mm

4.Weaving: Stamping made

5.Features: Flat surface, smooth, beautiful, strong and durable, wide application.

6.Specifications: Coil sheet 1X20m, flat sheet 1X2m.

7.Hole Patterns including: Round; Rectangular hole; Square; Triangle; Diamond; Hexagonal; Cross; Slotted; and other patterns according to your drawings or application requirement.

Processing: Punching

8.Uses: Mining, medicine, grain selection, indoor sound insulation, silencers, ventilation, grain storage and machine protection


TILIN can provide more suitable products according to the actual needs of customers.

TILIN is awarded the national patents on many inventions,TILIN continue to increase investment in research and development, technological innovation.

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